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Fact Sheets/Articles

Fact Sheet: Revenue Management Services

MAI’s Revenue Management Services (RMS) with VMetrics is a custom-built service and software solution for media content owners in need of best-in-class data and Affiliate Finance process. At the same time, it is a more cost-effective way to perform the various laborious processes of data normalization, contract compliance and accounting work associated with the collection of subscriber and transaction fees from multiple sources Take a look at the full article HERE.

Reverse Compensation Management

MAI Adds Reverse Compensation Accounting to its Retrans Fee Management Service. Read the full article here.

Could Media Companies Be Losing Millions in Digital Revenue?

Are traditional forms of revenue — such as the cable fee-based model — upon which media companies’ fortunes are based, collapsing under a wave of cord-cutting Internet subscribers? Read the full article here.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Retrans Fee Management

While Retransmission Fees from multichannel video programming distributors (MVPDs) are a relatively new phenomenon, their exponential growth in just a few years has made this revenue source a primary component of a broadcaster’s total revenue and valuation, and the most important driver of growth. However, Retrans Fees are also a very complex and laborious revenue stream for Finance Departments to manage. Take a look at the full article HERE

Benefits of Utilizing Third-party Affiliate Finance Functions

The accounting for traditional cable and satellite license fees and transactional VOD fees garnered by cable programming companies has evolved over the last few decades. Linear cable distribution contracts have grown complex and new digital and broadband revenue streams have become growth drivers for the cable networks as a result of the industry’s consolidation, channel bundling, expansion of geographies, and proliferation of new Electronic Sell-through (EST) and OTT distribution models. To manage this increased complexity and serve the myriad of internal stakeholders, Affiliate Finance departments have expanded, needing more people and specialized skills. Take a look at the full article HERE.