Auditing & Revenue Assurance for an Evolving Digital Market

Do you have financial control of your content everywhere?

TV Everywhere

The distribution of digital content affords media companies new opportunities, but also introduces new complexities. As content-distribution markets continue to fragment, legitimate and accurate subscriber and revenue data is essential for content owners – whether TV networks or app publishers – to plan strategically, negotiate intelligently, and operate successfully around the world.

TV Everywhere
Thanks to TV Everywhere, consumers can view content on a variety of devices with just one subscription. The challenge for content owners, and distributors is to ensure those viewers are paying to play. MAI audits review and authenticate online access to content to ensure that TV Everywhere platforms make sense for content owners. We make sure cable operators are accurately reporting consumption and revenue data as dictated by contracts with content owners, copyright holders, and syndicators.

MAI provides the following services to broadcasters:

  • Audit