Auditing & Revenue Assurance for an Evolving Digital Market

It is not just about TV households


The leading satellite auditor. MAI audits more than 33 million satellite households per year – residential, bulk, business, commercial, and international subscribers alike.

Data first. Our audit program focuses on channel lineups, rate/service codes, and contract terms at the zip code, regional territory, or DMA level. We completely reconstruct and test billing data, queries, and operator documentation. We don’t estimate, interpolate, or extrapolate. We look at the hard numbers.

Reporting you can rely on. MAI’s exhaustive audit reports are designed to deliver the data you need to support all material variances (financial and non-financial) that result from incorrect interpretation of contract terms and source billing data.

MAI provides the following services to satellite providers:

  • Audit
  • Revenue Management
  • Professional Services
  • Content Management Services